Osteoporosis Clinic Services

Services Keeping Bones Strong & Healthy

Physical Therapy

The physical therapist provides hands-on treatment and individualized instruction for a wide array of physical impairments

Lab Studies

We have an on-site blood collection center to allow patients to quickly and easily obtain laboratory studies.

Bone Density Scan

We offer on-site bone density scans to help provide important information about bone health and risk for fractures.

Body Composition Analysis

Our body composition scanner is one of the most accurate test available to determine body fat and muscle mass indicating workout effective ness and a key indicator of increased risk of chronic disease.


When nerves and muscles are damaged by injury or disorder, their inherent electric activity is abnormal, measured by Electromyography. Such information helps inform proper rehabilitation and treatment strategies.

Nutritional Support

Food and it's nutrition are integral part of healing. Let our office help you start recovery with essential nutrition.

Symptoms Management

While you're healing, get assistance for symptoms as well. Don't let pain go untreated.